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I love this Fragrance oil very good stay all day one of my favorite.

Awesome fragrance oils

I love the fragrance oils. I also love how fast the delivery is. Been ordering for awhile and I just love this company.

There is no atomizer with the spray. How am I supposed to use the spray without an atomizer????

There was no atomizer with the linen sprays.


No eye burning and a clean fresh smell when you come in from the outside.

Love it!

This is the best

Best Room Sprays, Starry Night
Extraordinary!!! Home fragrances

OMG!!! It’s back! I was literally waiting for this moment to have this fragrance again There’s no doubt that I’m gonna purchase as many as possible When I say I love love this scent. I love love this scent It’s a Very Magical scent. A Very Beautiful one and it’s seasonal so rack up people I’m Putting you on some game

love the ginger and peach

Love the Ginger and Peach. Like the Fruit and Beery collection also.

Simply done

Love this product

I stumbled a cross you products a couple years ago. I absolutely love your high quality product s. As you can see I have made two large purchases lately, and will order again shortly. Making gift baskets . Everyone loves the way my house smells

great scent

lovely long lasting scent

Love the clean fresh aroma

Cashmere Scent

I bought this along with the Mahogany Teakwood because I didn’t know which I’d prefer, based on ingredients alone. This is a good one, too, but 4 stars is just because I like Mahogany Teakwood better. Cashmere is a great one to keep in the bathroom, whereas I like Mahogany Teakwood in every room.

Fresh Laundry Scent

Fresh Laundry is the one I love to spray on my sheets when I make the bed. When I pull back the covers, it smells like fresh clean sheets the way it does on laundry day. The smell reminds me of Gain laundry smell - not the same, but similar.

Mahogany Teakwood

I love the smell of teakwood - the Mahogany Teakwood scent is just what you’d expect from a teakwood scent, It’s typically considered a masculine scent, yet I find it’s a common scent for a spa or neutral space.

Heavy scented

Smells amazing

Smells great

Excellent product.

Love this product!

I loved this product so much I had to find it and purchase it online as I couldn't find it in regular stores. I've used many sprays but this one tops them all! Thank you Abby & Sullivan!


But not strong enough to my liking so it dissipates quicker than I would like

Love Love safe with my in door okder bunny

Linen and Room Spray, Baked Apple Pie

Lobe this stuff safe with my bunny

My favorite!

This is hands down my favorite linen spray fragrance. A couple of sprays on the sheets while making the bed gives bedtime the freshly washed linens smell.