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Linen and Room Spray, Fresh Laundry

Refresh your space with this Abbey & Sullivan linen scent spray. It delivers freshly laundered sheets' clean and calming scent as you take them out of the dryer. This linen fragrance spray has a light floral undertone that helps to instantly lift your mood and freshen your bedroom. Spritz the soothing fragrance in your pillows, bedsheet, and closet for a crisp cool scent that will help create a sense of calm and peace.  This linen freshener comes in a triggered pump sprayer bottle to easily apply to pillows and other linens.  Use it to mask the musty smell in unused or unventilated spaces or the unpleasant odor in your toilet or bathroom. With a premium, indoor-safe formulation, this linen and room spray contains water, surfactant, isopropanol, and fragrance. 

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    Linen and Room Spray, Fresh Laundry
    • Size: 16 oz.
    • Scent: Fresh Laundry

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