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Linen and Room Spray, Cashmere

Cashmere: Just from the initial smell of this fragrance you will feel cozy, like being wrapped in a soft cashmere sweater. The musky scent combined with the subtle herbal notes makes this fragrance unique. It is very comforting and transforms your soul to a spa resort. Abbey & Sullivan Linen Spray Use to deodorize and refresh. Spray lightly on linens, clothes or in the home.  You'll feel warm and snug, as if a soft cashmere sweater has enveloped you by smelling this fragrance. This cashmere linen fragrance spray by Abbey & Sullivan is distinct because of the musky perfume and mild herbal overtones. It soothes your soul and transports you to a wellness resort. After cooking a meal, a party, or a house full of company, freshen soft furnishings like throw pillows, sofa cushions and other home items with a few linen-pillow sprays to breathe new life. Spritz your guest bedroom and bathroom with cashmere linen spray before they arrive if you're hosting overnight guests. The addition of a new smell to your guests' robes, bath towels, and bedding will make their stay even more enjoyable. Walking into a room with a pleasant, fresh aroma of cashmere improves your attitude instantly. An air freshener revitalizes your spaces, revitalizing everyone who enters them. When you're having a rough day, a quick spritz of this cashmere air freshener can lift your spirits.  Contains water, surfactant, isopropanol, and fragrance.

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    Linen and Room Spray, Cashmere
    • Size: 16 oz.
    • Scent: Cashmere

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