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Linen and Room Spray, Lavender Vanilla

This classic fragrance of freshly picked lavender, blended with hints of warm vanilla, creates a tastefully, fresh aroma. It is a very memorable and harmonious blend.  Use this Lavender Vanilla Linen Spray by Abbey & Sullivan to dispel odors and impart a calming, sweet scent into laundry, clothes and home and car textiles. A few sprays of lavender vanilla pillow spray between your bed sheets and pillows will keep them smelling fresh between washes and make going to bed at night all the more pleasant. Infuse clean clothing with a spritz of lovely lavender vanilla while ironing or use after dry-cleaning to eliminate the chemical smell. Freshen soft furnishings such as throw pillows, sofa cushions and other home accessories with a few sprays to breathe new life into them after cooking a meal, a party or a house full of guests. Anytime you're having guests stay overnight, don't forget to spray your guest bedroom and bathroom with this linen spray for bedding before they arrive. A fresh, relaxing scent on your guests' robes, bath towels and bedding will make your guests' stay more pleasant.   Contains water, surfactant, isopropanol, and fragrance.

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    Linen and Room Spray, Lavender Vanilla
    • Size: 16 oz.
    • Scent: Lavender Vanilla

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