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Odor Eliminator Spray, Vanilla Mandarin Bourbon

Vanilla Mandarin Bourbon: This is the sugar, spice, and everything nice fragrance! The combination of rich vanilla, sweet citrus, and spicy bourbon gives this fragrance a luscious twist. Spritz a little in your kennel or near the cat tree to diffuse and eradicate offensive pet odors. Rid the den or meeting room of those lingering tobacco smells with the sweet smell of this vanilla spray with a deep, woodsy base. Strong cooking odors such as garlic or fish will diminish under the strength of vanilla-mandarin bourbon odor removal spray. Your toilet odors and bad smells are no match for this odor-eliminating spray that brings back memories of a warm winter's night next to an inviting fire. With a few sprays around the room, you can erase any trace of the old residence in your new home, or you can put the finishing touches at the end of your spring cleaning with this fragrance spray that invites feelings of calm and warmth.

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