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Linen and Room Spray, Lemongrass Sage

Lemongrass Sage: This fragrance will remind you of going to Sunday brunch and ordering a refreshing lemonade, topped with sage, on a warm, sunny day. With some added notes of lime, this fragrance has a very soothing aroma Abbey & Sullivan Linen Spray Use to deodorize and refresh. Spray lightly on linens, clothes or in the home.  This fragrance has a remarkably calming sensation with slight citrus addition of lime notes. After cooking dinner, hosting a party, or a house full of company, freshen soft furnishings like throw pillows, sofa cushions, and other home accessories with a few spritzes of lemongrass room spray to breathe new life into your items. A few spritzes of lemongrass sage between your bed sheets and pillows can keep them smelling fresh between washes and make going to bed much more enjoyable. To keep the beautiful fragrances of summer brunch close throughout the day, spritz clean clothing with this lovely clothes refresher spray when ironing.  Contains water, surfactant, isopropanol, and fragrance.

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