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Odor Eliminator Sprays

Odor Eliminator Sprays

$ 4.99


Autumn Breeze: This fragrance is inspired by a crisp autumn day with a subtle breeze. The notes of musk and orchid will bring back memories of sitting outside, watching the leaves turn colors and fall. With subtle hints of rich spices, this fragrance is the perfect embodiment of the beautiful season.


Awake: This fragrance unites the notes of juicy citrus and soothing sandalwood to create a scent that will enliven your space. The blend of sweet and musky perfumes produces a powerful and refreshing aroma.


Baked Apple Pie: Envision a warm apple pie being brought fresh out the oven; the smell of baked apples soaking in brown sugar and cinnamon floods the air. The whole room will be immersed in a sweet and cozy aroma.  This fragrance smells so delicious you will want to eat it!


Cucumber Aloe: As relaxing as a day at the spa, this  fragrance is made up of  the refreshing, soothing scents of cucumber and aloe. Not only is this scent comforting, but it  will have any space feeling clean and fresh. 


Citrus & Sage: This is a delicious and light aroma from the  beautiful fusion of  scents, just like fresh squeezed lemons and herbs hand-picked  from the garden. The balance of fresh citrus and earthy sage creates a delicate fragrance.


Cucumber Melon: The subtle scent of melon combined with refreshing cucumber make this fragrance so sweet, like candy! This aroma perfects the blend of dewy melon and crisp cucumber. The  honeyed scent will lighten up any room. 


Enlightened: Like the phrase "opposites attract", this beautiful fragrance combines floral and woody scents. The precise balance of musk and fresh picked florals makes this fragrance divine, allowing you to feel enlightened.


Evergreen Pine: Transport yourself to a lush forest full of beautiful and refreshing pine trees. Inhale the crisp, green scent of fresh air. This fragrance is the embodiment of a spruce, evergreen tree and is the perfect fragrance for your winter wonderland.


Fresh Linen: Like a clean linen hanging from a clothesline in the breeze, this  scent of musky and fresh linens fills the air. When you spray this fragrance, it will give the whole room a cool, refreshing smell.


Happy: This pleasant fragrance blends the scents of lemon, sage, and sandalwood together. Like a sweet summer day outside, enjoying a cool glass of lemonade and hints of fresh herbs. 


Jasmine: This classic fragrance is perfect for anyone who loves the smell of fresh florals. This scent has a rich, sweet floral scent, with subtle notes of musk. It opens up the room, making it feel warm and inviting. 


Lavender: This classic floral fragrance of lavender replaces any unwanted odors with a sweet, fresh aroma. It is a divine scent that brings forth relaxation and rejuvenates your room. 


Lilac Spring: This exquisite fragrance will remind you of a blooming garden in the spring. With predominant scents of sweet lilac, the fresh, floral aroma will make you feel like you're enjoying a beautiful day outside.


Misty Night: This fragrance is a full-bodied, sensual, musky scent. There are  notes of floral scents accompanied by  woody scents. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sultry.


Morning Breeze: This fragrance is made up of crisp, clean, earthy scents. It opens with notes of fresh florals, combined with notes of woodsy smells like cedarwood. Finally, it is rounded out with a clean scent, like fresh laundry. 


Relaxed: Like a relaxing cup of tea, this fragrance exudes calm and helps you destress. The main scents of chamomile, verbena, bergamot mixed with subtle notes of spice, mint, and orange make this a very well-rounded fragrance that brings you some serenity.


Romantic: With scents of florals like jasmine and rose, this fragrance will remind you of a romantic bouquet of flowers. There are notes of fruity blends accompanying the floral scents, making this aroma sweet and sensual. 


Spiced Cranberry: This delicious fragrance will make you envision a delectable bowl of cranberry sauce. The combination of fresh cranberry, a dash of orange, and pinch of spice create a sweet and heady aroma. 


Tranquil Water: When you first smell this fragrance, you will be transported into a sea of tranquillity. It blends cool citrus with notes of melon, mint, and blooming lily flowers, like a sip of chilled water on a hot day.


Vanilla: This classic fragrance is a delicious, warm vanilla scent. The sugary aroma will remind you of all your favorite desserts. As soon as you begin to spray this, the room transforms into a  sweet and cozy sanctuary. 


Vanilla Mandarin Bourbon: This is the sugar, spice, and everything nice fragrance! The combination of rich vanilla, sweet citrus, and spicy bourbon gives this fragrance a luscious twist. 


Abbey & Sullivan Odor Eliminator Spray

  • Instantly eliminate pet, tobacco, toilet, trash, cooking and many other everyday odors.
  • Just spray at the source of the bad odor or in the air to remove the odor and leave a fragrance ambience behind.

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