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Linen Sprays | Abbey & Sullivan

Linen and Room Sprays

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Aloe Fresh: This light fragrance smells of soothing aloe with notes of floral. This subtle scent is the essence of calm and cooling, and will make you feel revitalized. 


Amber Oak: This fragrance has a bold woody scent paired with soft floral notes. When you first smell this, it opens with an earthy amber scent, but  the perfumes of rose and jasmine gradually come up, making this scent the perfect balance of strong and soft. 


Bird of Paradise: This fragrance is so sweet! The beautiful scent of fresh strawberries and apples gives this scent a delicious fruity aroma. Combined with subtle notes of warm vanilla, this fragrance will remind you of eating mouth-watering sweets as a kid. Also, the surprise scent of cotton candy makes this a distinct, fun, and sweet fragrance. 


Cashmere: Just from the initial smell of this fragrance you will feel cozy, like being wrapped in a soft cashmere sweater. The musky scent combined with the subtle herbal notes makes this fragrance unique. It is very comforting and transforms your soul to a spa resort. 


Coconut Honeysuckle: This fragrance is a tropical vacation in a bottle. The heavenly scent of honeysuckle coupled with the fruity scent of coconut will bring paradise right into your living room. 


Coastal Retreat: This fragrance truly is a breath of fresh air. The aromatic scents of fresh greenery, blooming flowers, and salty sea air with subtle notes of citrus make this a refreshingly lovely fragrance. It makes any area feel light and airy, like an island breeze.


Dapper Guy:  Transport yourself to a barber shop with this unique and versatile fragrance. At first, it smells masculine with musky notes and scents of sandalwood. However, as it builds you will smell sweeter citrus’ and subtle florals that gives it a more flexible aroma. 


Fresh Laundry: The warmth and delicate, fresh aroma of pulling clean laundry right out of the dryer is a comfort like no other. This familiar smell will have you feeling recharged and tranquil. With a touch of floral notes, this scent will make any room or linens feel light and clean. 


Fruit Slices: The sweet scent of fresh sliced oranges deliciously blended with the sugary scent of a tall glass of fruit punch makes this a very familiar and powerful fragrance. All the candied fruit scents make this fragrance so captivating and will make any area feel very inviting. Once you spray this, you won’t ever want to leave the room!


Gardenia: This classic fragrance will never go out of style. The delicate, silky scent of gardenia will turn your living room into a floral sanctuary. The sweet smell of a fresh bouquet of gardenias make this such a timeless and enticing fragrance.


Juniper Breeze: The blends of fresh evergreen and soft florals, like jasmine, make this a very refreshing fragrance. It's like a cool breeze flowing through a meadow. The smooth earthy notes united with the fragrant floral scent creates a perfect harmony.  


Lavender Vanilla: This classic fragrance of freshly picked lavender, blended with hints of warm vanilla, creates a tastefully, fresh aroma. It is a very memorable and harmonious blend.


Lavender Verbena: This fragrance is the smell of sweet lavender, beautifully merged with bright verbena. The subtle undertones of citrus makes this fragrance pleasantly clean. 


Lemongrass Sage: This fragrance will remind you of going to Sunday brunch and ordering a refreshing lemonade, topped with sage, on a warm, sunny day. With some added notes of lime, this fragrance has a very soothing aroma  


Lily of the Valley: When you first smell this fragrance, you will envision a field of lilies and fresh greenery swaying in the wind. Imagine the breeze carrying the sweet scent past as you inhale the pleasant aroma. The mixture of light floral notes and crisp green undertones give this a very bright and airy aroma. 


Mahogany Teakwood: This natural fragrance is a beautiful blend of woody tones with sharp green florals. It opens with a musky scent accompanied by an elevated perfume of sweet florals. This is a very unique fragrance that brings out a warming aroma. 


Mango Peach: This fragrance is a delicious blend of mangoes and peaches. It will make you think of a hot summer days eating juicy, fresh fruit by the pool. The fruity, sweet aroma makes any room smell heavenly.


Meditation: This fragrance will instantly help you relax. The musky notes of sandalwood interlaced with sweet notes of floral give it a very distinct and smooth feeling. It radiates serenity and calm, helping you clear your mind.


Mistletoe: This fragrance will transport you to a cool, winter night warming up next to the fireplace. The flawless blend of spice, evergreen, and pine leaves a lasting smell of winter bliss


Orange Grapefruit: This full bodied citrus blend breathes notes of juicy grapefruit and orange. It is a  fresh, tangy scent with the delicious aroma of sweet  fruit. 


Peaceful: This fragrance has a very clean and comforting feel as soon as you smell it. With fresh scents of lavender and subtle hints of cooling mint, it makes a well-balanced herbal blend that creates a peaceful sanctuary in any room. 


Pine: Transport yourself to a lush forest full of beautiful and refreshing pine trees. Inhale the crisp, green scent of fresh air. This fragrance is the embodiment of a spruce, evergreen tree and is the perfect fragrance for your winter wonderland.


Pumpkin Spice: As soon as you smell this, you will crave a warm slice of pumpkin pie with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream. The delicious blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, and vanilla makes this fragrance irresistible. 


Pure Serenity: Sit back and relax with this beautiful blend of musky vanilla and aromatic florals. This aroma will make your room a serene and welcoming retreat. 


Rose Garden: This fragrance is the perfect replica of fresh cut roses from the garden with a beautiful floral fragrance. No need to get down and dirty, because when you spray this, it will be like there is a beautiful bouquet of roses right in your room. 


Spruce & Berries: The earthy blend of crisp spruce trees and sweet berries makes this fragrance nice and cozy. It is a succulent aroma of sweet and woodsy. 


Sandalwood Patchouli: This fragrance has a woody musk of sandalwood, entwined with a slightly sweet and cooling minty scent of patchouli. It is very rich and captivating aroma. 


Sun Dried Cotton: Like a clean cotton linen hanging from a clothesline in the breeze, these airy scents combined with florals and citrus notes create a clean and fragrant oasis. When you use this fragrance, you will find yourself lost in the refreshing smell. 


Sweet Pea: This classic fragrance of sweet pea is a fresh bouquet  of  jasmine and gardenia enhanced with musky notes. This dainty, floral aroma is perfect for any occasion.


Tranquility: The rich amber and refreshing citrus are the perfect harmony of warm and cool. This fragrance will instantly make you feel calm and gives your room a peaceful aroma.  


Watermelon Lemonade: This mouth watering fragrance will remind you of sipping a cool drink at a picnic on a hot summer day. It is the perfect blend of juicy, sweet watermelon and fresh squeezed lemonade. 


White Hibiscus: This fragrance smells like a fresh blossom of hibiscus flowers right inside your home. The light scent of florals creates a sweet and gentle aroma. 


White Pumpkin: This scent will remind you of walking into a warm café on a crisp day and ordering your favorite latte. The sweet blend of warm vanilla and pumpkin spice creates a heavenly aroma. It is a very inviting and alluring fragrance for any season. 


Abbey & Sullivan Linen Spray

  • Use to deodorize and refresh.
  • Spray lightly on linens, clothes or in the home. 
  • Contains water, surfactant, isopropanol, and fragrance.

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